Conference in Minneapolis

I have never been to Minnesota before, but on a second business trip in a month I was here. Unfortunately, I missed my original flight so I missed my planned opportunity for a relaxed time to tour the city by bike. Still, I managed to head out after each long day of training and sessions to see a little of the city.

Like the Mississippi River!

Mississippi river in Minneapolis

There are locks and bridges and everything transportation-y

Mississippi river in Minneapolis

They had reminders of the city’s history.

Grain Belt Beer sign

Grain Belt Beer sign

It looks quite brown but every plant, bush, and tree had signs of green and buds. This has been a hard winter but everything was about to burst into bloom. You could feel it.

The Lyft driver I spoke with told me that after weeks of severe below-zero temperatures, the people of Minneapolis collectively declared it was spring at the start of April and they started wearing shorts and grilling outside. Everyone had winter sunburns and no one cared. They were simply done with winter. I can’t blame them. I used to hate this long season of brown-colored waiting in late spring in Colorado.

I did get the chance to hop the light rail and see the falls in Minnehaha park – this was a park with many lakes that I’d planned to circle on a bike the first day.

Waterfall in Minnehaha park

Waterfall in Minnehaha park

The creek was simply lovely – I actually love this sound and prefer it over ocean waves.

Creek in Minnehaha park

You can see the beginning of green things starting to pop out. I can imagine how this place will look in June – just amazing.

So, it was a rushed and exhausting week. I do not recommend this many trips in a month. I felt very disconnected and discombobulated, but getting out of doors each day made the difference.

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