Missing Owen

It’s been a long spell of short, quick blog posts … I’ve missed writing, but there just hasn’t been the TIME. Making sure that my daughter has plenty of time to study means all my time outside of work has to focus on my grandson. I love it. What a true break from adult reality into the soft, trusting, and wondrous world of a child.

We hung a swing in the front yard and it’s a surfboard swing, so you can stand on it and surf the wind. Owen likes it a lot but he’s not quite ready to stand on it.

He mostly like to say whee! and swing as high as his little body can go. That’s a back workout right there folks!

And then there are the soft falls into cool green grass.

This guy. His fun adventurous spirit. His changeable mood that always turns to positive. His sweet personality.

He’s in Colorado now and I miss him.

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