Summertime fun time

Yeah, we’re all weird in our own special ways but self-care is such a personal thing. It’s not always about wine or chocolate or baths. Sometimes it’s about cleaning up, freshening your yard and house, putting things in order.

Summertime means longer days and luckily for us, it does not mean a significant amount of heat. Not yet at least. July is comfortably in the upper 70s at the highest on most days and the nights are still cool enough to warrant covers when you’re sleeping.

It’s also the perfect time for eating outdoors and growing flowers and vegetables. Before Owen left for his Colorado trip and Becca for Oregon, we cleaned up the yard. it’s taken us a few weeks and honestly, we’re working on it some more this weekend but the results are so refreshing.

Miniature lemon tree


\Tomato plant \View of our California backyard

It’s all looking like we’re ready for a summer barbeque with friends. That’s just what we’ll be doing tonight too!

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