Sipping wine in Paso

Last weekend we escaped to Paso Robles for a weekend of relaxing and sipping wine. I found this great little place to stay – it was on a ranch over the barn! So cute and super chic. We left the big barn windows open so the air flowed delightfully through and we didn’t need the air-conditioning.

View of the getaway spot in Paso Robles with sunlight through the doors

The owner even left us a bottle to start our weekend.

The porch view at our Paso Robles getaway

What a view! I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to find this place. There were vineyards and farms all around us and it was so relaxing! There were horses and llamas and bunnies to watch.

View of the farms from the porch

And the clouds kept changing as we read magazines and chatted and rested.

View of the clouds over our getaway house

Sipping wine and watching clouds in Paso Robles

Even the chicken coop on this property had style!

Paso robles chicken coop

The next morning, we got up and watched the birds and rabbits.

Little bird on the fence in Paso Robles

We watched a pair of hawks circle overhead.

Hawks circling overhead

And after a workout and shower, practiced a little simple self-care: rubbing lotion on my legs. After lotion I did put on sunscreen but before that I took this picture to see how much better my poor skin looks with some lotion dammit!

Self-care sometimes means lotion on your legs

Next up, some wine tasting photos!

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