Sir James the Cat and other Winey Things

One of our first stops on our Paso Robles wine sipping getaway was The Cab House where Sir James the cat lives.

This is Sir James the cat that lives at the Cab House

Apparently this guy wandered up one day after an argument with a coyote and he’s never left. He’s a terrible mouser – just lets the buggers eat all his food. But, he’s super sweet and we liked him a lot. As you can see, we sipped wine and petted Sir James just fine.

Sir James and sipping wine

Did I like the wine? Steve liked it a lot, but he’s a cab guy. I like the blends better myself, but the winemaker prefers 100% cabernet and he made some good points. With a 100% you get variation in the wine year over year. Those variations are so subtle as to be impossible to decipher at first, but as you sip and taste you get better at telling the differences.

The winemaker took us to the chilly barn where they age the wine. He shared tips with Steve, who’s been getting into wine-making in our garage.

Trading winemaking tips in the barn

We tasted a new wine made of grapes called Tannat that Bruce has been growing on the property.

Steve and Bruce talking wine

Just look at my husband’s gorgeous profile in this photo. Travel is good for the soul 🙂



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