Oh the places you will go

So, I started and finished some knitting. First and foremost, this adorable pair of socks is completed.

Hand knit socks

I used to knit socks ALL the time because I love having a small project with tiny and gorgeous yarn. It’s easy to shove into a pocket or purse. It’s lovely to look at as it knits up. I also love my own personal way of knitting socks from the toe up. After classes and and sock knitting conventions and books, I have designed my own set of instructions that I rely on for knitting perfect socks.

Hand knit socks

Then I moved to California where I wear no socks. The only time I wear socks is 1) in January or 2) when I leave the state and wear shoes that are not sandals. I have an entire bin of hand knit socks that I can’t wear. I give away a lot of hand knit things, but not my socks. Not out of selfishness entirely – they are small and fitted exactly to my 6 1/2 size foot. Not many people except children or teenagers have that sock size. I keep them. They are my friends and my future warmth when I land in places that are cold where I actually get to wear the boots I own. They’ll keep. They’re forever socks after all.

So, on to the next projects. I started a blanket with two yarns. I had this lovely alpaca yarn in a very tiny weight. Steve saw me lusting after it in Estes Park at the annual wool market many years ago. He bought me several skeins and I foolishly thought I could knit a sweater of this stuff. I loved this yarn, but I was a complete idiot about knitting it up. I got a lot of it, but here’s the thing: I couldn’t figure out what to knit with it. First of all, it’s ever so slightly itchy and if you know me at all, you know I cannot abide anything itchy. I tried a dozen patterns over the years. It’s a gorgeous multi-colored yarn in all my favorite jewel tones, but it was tiny. It also does not unknit well at all – you cannot rip this stuff out. Alone, it could only be knit into something light and airy and that would mean a cowl. It washes beautifully – an act that takes out most (but not all) of the itchiness, so there is hope. Too itchy for a cowl, too thin to work on it’s own into anything that one could tolerate being slightly itchy, what should it be knit up into?

I finally decided that if I paired it with another yarn, I could knit it into a blanket. Also, after having this yarn for almost a decade it was time to get it done. I ordered a bulky yarn that would serve as a sweet background to the lovely colored yarn.

Natural wool

And I counted out stitches and figured out a quick pattern that wouldn’t be complicated but still give the blanket some structure.

Natural wool and albaca blanket

It could take me another decade to finish it, but at least I will have used this gorgeous yarn.

Next up, is an unconventional baby blanket. This blanket is intended for the daughter of a friend of ours. Her wedding dress was red, so I decided that this gorgeous red yarn I had piles of would make a decent baby blanket. No, they are not pregnant yet, but I find that if I start knitting a baby blanket – even if I don’t have a particular couple in mind – a baby gets announced. Sort of works that way and I don’t claim any control or influence over the situation. I am just keeping the pile of baby knits ready ‘in case’. Plus, I have given out all my baby hats and it was time to start something, anything new in case a baby did get announced. This is what I call thinking ahead. Not manifesting, just thinking ahead and being prepared. The sweet little checkerboard blanked started out at home on the patio.

Red baby blanket

Last week it went on a bike ride with us and we ended up knitting and sipping in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara.

Bike ride Funk Zone Santa Barbara

Red baby blanket

Even later, as the blanket gets bigger, we ended up in the Santa Ynez valley drinking wine and knitting at Roblar. They have the most amazing red blend I’ve tasted – it’s called Moule Rouge. Under this lovely and cool arbor, the baby blanket got bigger.

Roblar vineyard

Red baby blanket

It looks like a big pile of mush there, but trust me this is one sweet little baby blanket.

Oh the places this little blanket has gone and so many other places it will go with the dreams and happy wishes for the little person who will sleep beneath it or wrapped in it. Whoever that is.

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