Santa Fe Opera and Tailgating!

Last week, my husband took me to see the Santa Fe opera for my birthday. I have wanted to see this opera house for many years – it’s open air with the mountains and gorgeous New Mexico sunsets behind. Plus, everyone tailgates! To be fair, this is my first tailgate adventure. I’ve never been interested in sports – they bore me like crazy. Can’t stand ’em! But to tailgate at the opera, well that’s a very different thing for sure.

The day started out with those gorgeous blue skies New Mexico is so famous for.

New Mexico blue sky

We spent some time studying our Spanish – we’re taking lessons together. So, of course we had to have a little breakfast with our lessons. Estudiamos espanol!

Spanish books with breakfast

Then, we got into the mountains … aahh, my happy place. Breathing in the clear air, my sinuses all drained of Santa Barbara crud, and smelling the pine and juniper.

Santa Fe hiking trails

Santa Fe hiking trails

Santa Fe hiking trails


This is home.¬†Isn’t this little tree the most beautiful thing?
Santa Fe hiking trails

Back to our nest and dressed for the opera, we decided to stop for a pre-tailgate margarita. We had seen this little bistro earlier in the day and thought it would be perfect. But, no margaritas – the only serve wine. The owner, however, heard us ask for one and said to follow her and she would walk us to the best margarita. We strode down the alley and into the side door of a large hotel, through labyrinthine¬†hallways and found ourselves in a little bar tucked away where I can’t imagine anyone finds it without a personal escort. We asked Catherine (owner of Terracotta Wine Bistro) to stay with us and sip a margarita, which she did.

Margarita in Santa Fe with bistro owner, Catherine

We went back to her place the next day – amazing food at really great prices and a wine list to die for!

Margarita finished, we drove to the opera under increasingly threatening skies.

Cloudy skies New Mexico

As we arrived and parked, the rain started. So, we set up our tailgate feast on the dash, took off our shoes and curled up to watch the show.

Tailgate feast in the rain

Steve said I had to show everyone how neatly the wine bottle fits into the cup holder on this rental car.

Tailgate feast in the rain

After a bit, the rain slowed and stopped

Rain in New Mexico

The skies quickly turned back to blue and all our snacks were demolished, so it was time to head on in.

Santa Fe skies after rain

The air in Santa Fe smells like nowhere else in the world, but after a rain it takes on a fresh smell that can’t be matched for its glory.

Next morning, we headed out for mass and exploring.

Santa Fe Cathedral

Santa Fe Cathedral

Santa Fe sky

Santa Fe sky

All round, a great birthday weekend – one of the best.

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