About Fourteenergirl

I’m a mother, sister, wife, aunt, daughter and friend who knits, hikes, and practices yoga in the Colorado Rockies and now in Central California. I am grateful to live in some of the most beautiful places on earth and I share a tiny portion of my story here.

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Some years ago on a bright sunny October day, my not-quite-husband turned to me and said, “Hey honey, how do you feel about climbing Pikes Peak next weekend?” Not knowing what I was in for, and because it’s so much fun to go hiking with him, I said, “Sure, why not?”

So, we packed up the dog’s hiking pack and our own and headed out before dawn. How did it go?

Well, we topped out about 7 and a half hours later, found ourselves a big rock (not hard, these are called the ‘Rockies’ for a reason folks) and pulled off our gloves. I was furious … that hike was hard and I was breathing hard and some crazy woman was standing at the top of the last steps of the hike and clapping to cheer us on. I wanted to push her off the mountain. It was not my finest moment.

When I settled down, however, I saw all of eastern Colorado spread out before us and what a huge accomplishment this hike was for me. I saw our husky settle down to drink from his bowl and eat cookies. I saw my husband with his funny one-sided dimples grinning at me. It was a good day.

My now husband proposed on that hike and we’ve been climbing fourteeners together ever since. This website and blog is about all the things that make my life on this earth wonderful and sometimes frustrating. I know I’m going to enjoy sharing it all with you folks too.